Dressing Up Concrete: Ralph Lauren Uses Pongr Image Recognition for its “Art Wall” Photo Contest

denim and supply pongr contest instructions-600Usually, it’s the attractive fashion models who get stared at on the walls of a Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren store. In a clever twist this fall, it’s the building itself that’s getting the runway treatment.

For its whimsical Art Wall Project, the clothing store’s New York City location has been transformed into a colorful canvas — the ultimate expression of Out of Home (OOH) advertising. Over the next few months, Denim & Supply will partner with innovative artists to put their creative stamp on the facade and showcase their work inside the store. In addition, a limited edition designer t-shirt inspired by the artist will be sold to benefit the nearby School of Visual Arts.

The first installation is by Hellbent, a Brooklyn spraypaint artist known for his dramatic use of color and his abstract graphics. In this Women’s Wear Daily story, you can see what the building looked like before its makeover.

Kicking off the celebration, Pongr is teaming up with Denim & Supply for The Art Wall Project Sweepstakes. Through November 28, customers who snap a photo of the outside of the store and send it to denimandsupply@pongr.com will have a chance to win gift cards and various Art Wall-inspired t-shirts. (See Official Rules.)

Image Recognition Technology

Take a glance at some of the recent customer snapshots entered in the contest below. When a shopper emails or texts their mobile photo, Pongr computer vision “looks” inside and analyzes its components to determine if it is the correct building. Usually used to detect logos, advertising and product packaging, our image recognition technology can identify the building from close-up or far away, as long as the picture contains a representative sample of the pattern.

The system will also recognize the building from a variety of angles:

A sampling of customer photos outside Ralph Lauren's Denim & Supply clothing store in New York. (Double click to enlarge images.)

A sampling of customer photos outside Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply clothing store in New York. (Double click to enlarge images.)

Not surprisingly, the Ralph Lauren store is attracting a lot of attention in its new costume. Some of the sweepstakes participants are even striking fashion poses of their own:

ralph lauren pongr photo contest models

Direct Response Tools

When shoppers snap and send photos of the dressed-up New York store, they will instantly receive the following message on their phone:

Instant Response: Immediately after submitting a photo, Denim & Supply customers are senf confirmation of their contest entry.

Clicking on the link opens up a one-click Facebook/Twitter sharing window that allows people to tell their friends about the contest. Additionally, Ralph Lauren uses the opportunity to encourage customers to learn more about the guest artist:

ralph lauren pongr social media 1x

Integrated Social Sharing: Participants are encouraged to share their colorful building photos with their social networks. (The right mobile screenshot is scrolled down from the left.)

For incorrect entries — either unrecognizable photos or pictures not including the building — shoppers receive a “Try Again” message:

ralph lauren pongr try again email x

Denim & Supply fans in other cities can still participate in the contest without traveling to New York. Sending in photos of the building from The Art Wall Project website is also an acceptable form of entry.

Call to Action

The store is actively promoting its photo contest on its Facebook page:

ralph lauren pongr Facebook contest 1As for encouraging in-store customers to participate, there are signs in the windows promoting the Art Wall Project and current featured artist, along with signs inside explaining the contest.

ralph lauren art wall store windowWe can’t wait to see what identity the Denim & Supply building takes on next!

(Learn how Pongr computer vision and direct response tools can help brands and agencies monetize customer photos within social networks: Check out the Pongr Partner Program.)

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