Photo Sharing Craze: Are These Pics of Hot Dogs or Hot Legs?

With Labor Day cookouts behind us, the big question is will the “Hot Dog Legs” photo sharing craze last beyond the summer?

hot dog legs-pongr-blog-1Even sillier than the Watermelon Baby, the Babies in Coffee Cups, and Dogs in Pantyhose memes, the Hot Dog Legs pics poke fun at all those indulgent beach selfies that people (mostly women) take to brag about their vacations. The shimmery suntan oil reflecting off the right pair of legs looks frighteningly similar to sausages.

Guessing whether a pic is showing hot dogs or hot legs has become the Internet parlor game of the popular Hot-Dogs Legs Tumblr blog and its Facebook page.

hot dog legs pongr blog-2Usually the dead giveaway are the thighs, though that is no guarantee!

Hairy legs are also an immediate tip-off. Kudos to the gentleman (?) below for being fully committed to pursuing a social media joke to its fullest potential:

hot dog legs pongr blog-3USA Today recently reported that celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba and Kendall Jenner have hopped on the hotdog bandwagon within their own social networks.

Will it go any further?  Perhaps an enterprising promotion could be in the works from a hot dog brand or a sunscreen brand?  I’m guessing whatever happens, ketchup-and-mustard guy won’t be getting a modeling contract.

(Pongr is an advertising technology company that develops image recognition tools to help brands and agencies monetize the stream of customer photos on the Web.)

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