3 Reasons Why Photos Should Be Part of Your Current Shopper Marketing Promotions

Consumer's Natural Photo Sharing BehaviorWelcome to the generation of sharing. Between selfies, foodies, and status updates — you name it, we’ve seen it. The days of pen and paper are over and it’s evident we’re immersed in the Age of Photography. With messaging being limited to only a few seconds, it’s understandable why companies are still having trouble reaching their consumers. Instead of fighting trends, companies should be taking advantage of them and infusing them into their existing campaigns.

Here are some reasons why you should add photos to your shopper marketing promotions:

1. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Consumers are already sharing and social media outlets are plentiful. Stick with the concept of “snap and share,” which guarantees participation and will bring the consumer directly in front of your products.


2. Allow the consumer to initiate a conversation. Whether your company searches for its content by keyword or image recognition, photos allow interaction and make you want to engage! When a consumer engages with you through social media, you will be able to change your messaging in real time. You will also be able to create a sense of personal connection to your brand for the consumer. When you ‘like,’ ‘retweet’ or otherwise interact with them, it makes them feel important and builds genuine relationships.


3. Customer photos are worth a thousand words. Imagine if one of your customers posts a Thanksgiving photo containing your product and their smiling family. The consumer-data possibilities are endless. You will be able to see how the consumer views your product, their emotions, demographics, and many other insights.

We are entering a new era in shopper marketing promotions. Explore some of our photo shopper marketing campaigns here.

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