Juicy Fashions: The “Watermelon Baby” Photo Sharing Craze

Watermelon Babies: The latest social media sensation. (Source:

Watermelon Babies: The latest social media sensation. (Source: Kotaku.com)

If there were a Viral Photo Olympics, my money would be on China.

The same country that recently brought us the fabulous Dogs in Pantyhose photo shoots now is turning the supermarket produce aisle into a kiddie fashion runway. Photographer Anne Geddes might be more famous for her watermelon baby poses, but these creative parents surfing Weibo (China’s Twitter) have just brought the genre to the next level.

According to Kotaku, an Asian Web culture blog covering trends in China, Japan, Korea and the region, parents are carving entire wardrobes out of watermelon rinds for their babies to model. Presumably, they are allowed to wear more breathable materials like cotton once their mommy and daddy have too much cuteness clogging their mobile cameras.

Fruit Wars

FRUIT WARS: In these food fights, the soldiers get diaper rash.  (Source: Kotaku.com )

The UK Daily Mail reports that this photo sharing fad has been going strong since July and that bloggers are praising its eco-friendly message and its alleged relief from the hot weather (I suppose wearing no shirt accomplishes that regardless of what your pants are made from).

However, there have been other concerns raised that wearing the costumes too long could lead to diaper rash due to the moisture and that rotting rinds could breed bacteria.

Hey, as long as there’s a bathtub and a compost pile nearby, what’s the harm?

Watermelon Superhero: Why SHOULD the kiddies have all the fun?

Watermelon Superhero: Why SHOULD the kiddies have all the fun? (Source: Kotaku.com)

Some adults have gotten into the act, such as the Superman character above.

With pumpkin season not far off on the calendar, are we now getting a preview of the produce photos to come?

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