Shopper Marketing Webinar: Image Recognition Technology for In-Store Retail and Brand Promotions

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When a customer gets close enough to photograph your product, they are far more likely to buy your product.

On Tuesday, July 30, Pongr CEO Jamie Thompson will explore how brands and retailer partners can use image recognition technology to boost engagement with product packaging — with or without a special in-store display or on-pack promotion.

Thompson is the lead presenter of “Solutions For On Pack Promotions,” a live webinar at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST on Tuesday, July 30. The webinars will examine new options for driving purchase behavior at retail, connecting traditional advertising and packaging with social media and rewarding a brand’s most passionate advocates.

Pongr is a mobile shopper marketing platform that asks customers to snap a picture of a brand logo to enter a contest, sweepstakes or promotion. After the picture is emailed or texted to the brand, the image is verified with computer vision and the customer receives an instant direct response message. No QR codes or packaging modifications are necessary.

Customers can photograph the Ruffles and Big Green Egg display once a day to increase their chances of winning (and to encourage repeat store visits.)

Frito-Lay is now using Pongr’s image recognition technology to promote its Ruffles contest exclusively available for 7-Eleven customers. Ruffles are being sold in a free-standing display shaped like a Big Green Egg grill, the major prize in the summer promotion.

Based on submitted photo entries, Frito-Lay knows when and where people are interacting with the displays and when and where they are not. The system also serves a secondary auditing function allowing brands to check if local stores are correctly setting up their promotional displays.

Instead of hiring auditors to physically inspect each store, Ruffles can have its fans serve as scouts across the country.

On the left is a promotional Ruffles display that was not set up properly by the local retailer. On the right is the display set up as intended. To see more examples of these displays set up in different stores, double click the picture.

Pongr’s image recognition technology was also used this summer by Nestle for its Skinny Cow $10,000 WoCave Game. Nestle gave away a dream “Woman Cave” prize to a lucky customer who photographed the packaging of any Skinny Cow dessert.

Skinny Cow attracted more than 133,000 customer photos of its logo in only two months — without any special on-pack promotion.

The brand’s call to action was 100 percent digital:

How Skinny Cow activated its customers without any special modifications to product packaging. (Double click to enlarge).

During the live webinars, Pongr’s Jamie Thompson will discuss how any brand or retailer can leverage the same image recognition technology for their own promotions.

Thompson will be joined by Camille Kennedy of Hip Digital Media, and Jim Graham, president of Graham Group Promotions.

Hip Digital is the leader in promotional marketing technology that enables brands to increase sales, engage consumers and provide buyer analytics, all through premium digital content rewards. The Graham Group is a promotional execution company specializing in in-pack and on-pack promotions.

To sign up for the 10 a.m. Webinar, click here.

To sign up for the 2 p.m. Webinar, click here.

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