Pongr for Shopper Marketing: Skinny Cow’s “WoCave” Game

Ever see a cow with lipstick? How about one provocatively posed on a purple couch?

Pongr partners with some of the most creative agencies and brands in the world. Our image recognition and direct response platform helps brands execute their contests, sweepstakes and promotions at any scale.

It also empowers brands to monetize customer photos shared on social networks — all photo marketing campaigns are tied into a company’s CRM system.

But back to the gorgeous chocolate-loving cow. Nestle’s Skinny Cow mascot, named “Skinny,” is “the goddess of all things delicious and indulgent. She laughs often, lives life to the fullest, and never denies herself a Skinny snack.” From now through June 30, she’s giving everyone who photographs a Skinny Cow frozen dessert or box of candy a chance to win a $10,000 “WoCavé,” or “Woman Cave.”

A WoCavé is “where the men are scarce and the Skinny Cow treats are abundant.”

SNAP-SHARE-WIN: Skinny Cow fans can play the Instant Win Game once a day by photographing the brand logo on any Skinny Cow product. All photos earn a chance at an instant win prize and automatic entry into the Grand Prize drawing. (Double click to enlarge image)

Only halfway through the contest, Pongr’s image recognition system has already processed more than 82,000 photo entries — positively identifying the logos and packaging for all of Skinny Cow’s dessert offerings.

Taking a photo IS the customer’s sweepstakes entry. No need to scan QR codes or type in code sequences followed by Captcha verification.

To enter the dream WoCavé drawing — and earn a chance to win instant prizes such as a Pink Mini Freezer and a stylish Ottowoman — fans just need to snap a pic of any Skinny Cow package that includes the logo and send it to skinnycow@pongr.com.

Pongr is providing Skinny Cow with the computer vision and direct response platforms to process thousands of customer photos and automatically sort the correct from the incorrect entries. Pongr’s image recognition technology accurately detects the Skinny logo and filters out any irrelevant imagery.

Skinny Cow customer photo entries verified by Pongr’s image recognition system. Encouraging customers to get close to a brand’s products on the shelf makes it more likely they will consider buying those products. (Double click to enlarge photo gallery).

The Pongr system can transform any existing brand packaging (CPG) into an interactive direct response advertising opportunity without changing the packaging in any way. Pongr’s computer vision identifies a brand’s logo, already the most important visual element on the package, instead of relying on ugly QR codes, bar codes, stickers or any other alteration.

Consumers are allowed to submit one photo of a Skinny Cow product each day. From a shopper marketing perspective, there is an additional incentive to repeatedly interact with the yummy treats (besides cravings) due to the Instant Win element.

Here’s what the direct response message looks like on a shopper’s phone, where they can immediately click on a link to see if they won a prize. The game can also be played on any desktop, laptop or mobile device that includes texting or email.

Direct response mobile screens for Skinny Cow’s Instant Win Game and Grand Prize Drawing.

When shoppers get close enough to take a picture of a product, they are more likely to buy that product. This Skinny Cow campaign demonstrates how brands and retailers can engage with consumers through visual product check-in — allowing customers to show their loyalty wherever and whenever they want.

One last thing: Even though this promotion is obviously female-oriented, guys with a sweet tooth are welcome to join in the fun (and in the snacking), too. The Official Rules of the Skinny Cow WoCavé Instant Win/Grand Prize Drawing Game are here.

(For more examples of how Pongr technology can boost your Shopper Marketing campaigns, check out CEO Jamie Thompson’s recent Q & A interview).

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