Pongr for Shopper Marketing: Ruffles and Big Green Egg

The Happiest Grill in the World — and 7-Eleven & Ruffles are giving them away!

If grills could eat, odds are they wouldn’t be vegetarians. But you need some chips to chase down those burgers and hot dogs.

This summer, 7-Eleven and Ruffles are giving away one Big Green Egg grill a day (through Sept. 5) to one lucky customer who photographs their Big Green Egg store display. You can’t miss the potato chip-filled dome!

7-Eleven in-store display sweepstakes entry from Adam H. on Pongr.

Entering the Big Green Egg Sweepstakes at 7-Eleven is easy. Instructions on the store display asks customers to take a pic of the Egg with their mobile phone and send it to Ruffles@pongr.com.

SNAP & SEND — Taking the photo IS your sweepstakes entry. No codes to scan or series of numbers and letters to retype.

7-Eleven customers receive a direct response email confirming entry in the sweepstakes and an invite for bonus entries for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

When consumers get close enough to photograph a product, close enough to touch a product, they are more likely to buy that product.

In the case of Ruffles, 7-Eleven customers have an opportunity to enter the sweeps once a day and consider an impulse potato chips purchase.  Brands and retail partners can quickly scan through thousands of photo entries (take a look yourself) and see how and where their displays are set up in different stores.

Brands can learn when and where their products are purchased most often, and map it out with the Pongr platform’s GPS. Customers who opt-in to the sweepstakes are also integrated into a brand’s existing CRM.

Snapping and sending pictures is an easier and more natural way for customers to enter sweepstakes and contests.

Hear CEO Jamie Thompson share how Pongr’s image recognition technology and direct response tools are specifically built for shopper marketing campaigns at any scale:

Monetize Your Customer Photos from Pongr on Vimeo.

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