What’s in Your Fridge: The Ultimate Personality Test?

What’s in Your Fridge? Share what goes in your tummy for a chance to win American Express gift cards!

Forget about Googling your blind date. You how to really get the scoop on someone? Find out what’s in their fridge.

Without exception, all my friends in Manhattan usually have one or two items in their refrigerator — evidence that most of their real eating takes place at food trucks, diners and gourmet restaurants available into the wee hours of the night.

And all my friends with young families have iceboxes filled to the brim — if you zoom the camera in tight enough, it might qualify them to be featured on the TV show “Hoarders.”

Now through June 5th, you can turn a quick snapshot of your fridge into a chance to win American Express gift cards! The juicy details:


1. Snap a pic of your fridge (inside, please, although we do love refrigerator magnets).
2. Send it to FridgePic@pongr.com and check your email.
3. Click on the link for a chance to win a $25 American Express Gift Card. One winner will be chosen daily and announced on the Pongr Facebook page.

Pongr Contest Entry: Don’t You Dare Touch ANYTHING in Katie B’s Fridge!

Pongr user Katie B gave me an instant flashback to college with her creative iPad photo entry above. I used to have very possessive and territorial roommates who wrote their names in Sharpie on gallons of milk and cartons of orange juice.  I also had another set of laid-back roommates who chose to just split the grocery bills three ways.

No matter what your living situation, bets are that the contents of your fridge will reveal a deeper truth.

Getting in the spirit of things — and proving we are one of the most transparent technology companies in the industry — Pongr CEO Jamie Thompson has revealed to the world what is behind his fridge door:

CEO Jamie Thompson’s All-Beverage Storage Facility.

I’m not foolish enough to psychoanalyze my boss in print. However, I do know what to bring to the next Pongr Potluck Dinner: 100 percent cherry juice with lots of antioxidants.

That’s my fridge at the top of the page, where I’m giving a shoutout to Lifeway Blueberry Kefir, filled with probiotics. That’s right, I drink bacteria yogurt shakes every morning. How about you?

(Why does it matter what’s in your fridge or shopping cart? Hear CEO Jamie Thompson talk about how to Monetize Your Customer Photos with Pongr’s computer vision and direct response tools.)

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