Snap Pics of Pepsi for a Chance to Win a VIP Trip For Two to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game!

You could win a chance to see your favorite baseball stars just by taking a picture of yourself enjoying any Pepsi or Diet Pepsi beverage.

One of the greatest baseball traditions is sitting at the ballpark and punching out the tiny holes on your All-Star ballot — most of the fun is debating with your friends which players deserve the honor the most.

Now, in addition to voting from your seats, you could possibly win a VIP trip for two to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game in New York — just for taking a picture of yourself enjoying a sip of Pepsi or just a pic of the Pepsi itself.

Send your pics to and look for your response email confirming your entry.

That’s all you do — it’s that easy. Then you can start daydreaming of watching Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano, Miguel Cabrera and Bryce Harper do what they do best.

Cans. Bottles. Fountain Cups. Any Pepsi or Diet Pepsi will do as long as the logo is clearly visible in the picture. You can send one picture per day (one chance to win) through June 15.

Your direct response message will look like this:

Pongr is proud to partner with Pepsi for their latest MLB All-Star Game Promotion, providing the image recognition technology and direct response advertising platform for processing thousands of consumer photos and filtering correct and incorrect entries. Pongr has previously teamed up with PepsiCo for other sports and entertainment-themed promotions, including Pepsi’s “Rock Your Summer” contest offering VIP experiences at concerts and its “Match Snap Win” contest giving away Super Bowl tickets.

Citi Field, home of the New York Mets and the Pepsi Porch, will host the 2013 All-Star Game.

The Grand Prize winner and a guest will receive round-tip air transportation to New York City, arriving on July 13 and departing July 17 — allowing plenty of time for sightseeing before and after the July 16 game. Winner will also receive two tickets to the MLB Home Run Derby, a four-night stay at an area hotel and $250 in spending money. (Estimated Retail Value: Up to $5,250 depending on where the winner lives).

An additional 100 First Prize winners will receive $25 gift codes redeemable at the Shop. All winners will be selected in a random drawing on June 24.

Be Creative — How many ways can you show your passion for Pepsi and baseball in the same pic? Any Yankees, Astros, Tigers or Indians fans out there?

Given that Pepsi beverages are not available at all 30 Major League ballparks — I’m blanking out on the name of that other brand — you need not be at a baseball game when you take your photos. Snap pics at the supermarket, at work, school or home and be creative.  Although any clear picture of Pepsi packaging is an eligible entry (you will receive an email or text confirming receipt), it’s much more fun to photograph your or your friends with Pepsi and your favorite baseball stuff.

VOTE FOR ME: When you get an All-Star Ballot, do you automatically vote for all the players on your favorite team? (Image Source: Detroit Tigers Facebook page)

Meanwhile, the campaign by individual teams to get out the vote for their hometown stars is now going full speed ahead. Major League Baseball is distributing 20 million paper ballots at ballparks this spring and summer, while the bulk of the voting will be done with the online ballot. Stuffing the ballot box is encouraged — and even expected — though Internet voting is limited to 25 ballots per person, with an additional 10 if you register with

But don’t forget to vote for yourself, too. Grab a Pepsi and send a pic to PepsiMLB@pongr right now!

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