The Wait is Over: New Pongr iPhone App is Here!

Pongr’s new iPhone app includes a PongrCam with creative filters and cropping-on-the-fly!

You asked. We delivered.
Now sharing photos celebrating your favorite brands is easier and more convenient than ever!

The Pongr App for the iPhone is now available as a free download in the iTunes Store.

In addition to emailing or texting your photos to Pongr, you can now upload them, customize them and share them with a few taps on your touch screen.

The Pongr iPhone App includes these features:

* A built-in Pongr camera with fun photo filters.
* The Beautify Button that boosts your attractiveness (wink, wink) on demand.
* Customized cropping that lets you reframe your pics as squares, rectangles or panoramic views.
* Easy access to your Pongr profile and points.
* Easy sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

Customize Your Photos (and Nails) — Add cropping or filters with Pongr’s new photo editing tools. Disclaimer: Make sure you let your nails dry before using the App. It cannot remove nail polish from your glass screen.

So let’s say you just had your nails done and you want to let the world know about it. With the Pongr App, you can give your manicure an edgier or brighter presentation based on whatever mood you happen to be in. I guess the woman in the photo above wanted the “See my nails through a telescope” look.

With the Pongr App, you can share only the part of your photo that”s most important to you.

We’re already getting a lot of positive feedback on the cropping function, which lets you control how wide or tall your pics will appear on the Pongr brand fan pages:

Playing With Aspect Ratios — It’s fun to jazz up the layout of your favorite Pongr brand fan page by sending in different shaped crops to the gallery.

If you’re a Pongr shutterbug, you’ll especially love the sharing features. Once you type in a brand once, the App will remember it for the next time. You can post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, and major brands’ Twitter handles automatically pop up in your Tweet so you can send them a shout-out directly.

In addition, Pongr Photos that you share on Twitter appear as photos — as you intended — and not as links.

As with all forms of Pongr, the Pongr App is the perfect way to reach out to your favorite brands and often hear back from them.

Keep Tabs on Your Pongr Profile — While you’re sharing pics of your fabulous meal, you can get updated stats on your submissions and Pongr points.

Download the Pongr iPhone App here. And stay tuned for the release of the Pongr Android App very soon…

As always, we’d appreciate your feedback on the Pongr App and any suggestions for what features you’d love to see included in future updates.  Please drop us a line anytime at

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