Picture Sharing Miracle: Lost Soggy Hawaii Vacation Photos Resurface in Taiwan

Missing Memories: Do YOU know the identity of this scuba diver, who lost her camera five years ago off the coast of Hawaii?

This spirited scuba diver never got to share her coral reef adventures off the coast of Hawaii because her waterproof Canon camera got lost in the ocean.

Happens all the time, right?  Which is why many of the camera companies sell those bright orange floating wrist straps.

What doesn’t happen all the time is having the camera get found six years later — and 6,200 miles away in Taiwan!

According to Hawaii News Now, an employee of China Airlines found the barnicle-encrusted Canon on a beach and discovered that the memory card was still intact.

Bruce Chen, General Manager of China Airlines‘ Honolulu office, says the pics are from an August 2007 vacation in Kaanapali Beach on Maui. China Airlines is hoping that sharing the vacation photos through social media will identify the divers and reunite them with their memories.

“I don’t know how this camera goes to Taiwan, but I believe it’s God’s arrangement,” Chen told the Hawaiian media outlet. He said that China Airlines will fly the camera’s owner to Taiwan for free if he or she is identified.

It’s a visual twist on the classic Message in a Bottle story.

And it’s also confirmation that whether you snap pics on a $5 plastic disposable camera, your high-end smartphone or a pricey SLR, those cameras can always be replaced. It’s the memories inside that matter most!

Lost Vacation Photos: This mystery family lost their camera but could possibly be reunited with their memories. If you know who they are, China Airlines wants to surprise them.

If you know who these vacationers are, make their day by sharing their names with Hawaii News Now or China Airlines. We love happy endings.

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