Talking Candy: Still Time to Snap Away in Pongr’s Valentine’s Day Photo Contest!

Coming Soon: Pongr Conversation Hearts? (Click here to make your own customized messages).


Historians will debate this for ages, but a strong argument can be made that Conversation Hearts, pioneered by NECCO, is the original inspiration for texting — and maybe even Twitter?

For men and women who have difficulty expressing their true emotions, these candies are a godsend on Valentine’s Day or for school dances, wedding proposals, anniversaries, etc.

SweeTarts, under its Willy Wonka sister (brother?) brand, makes message Hearts, too. But the entire Valentine’s “conversation” candy genre has just exploded. For all you bashful types, there are now:

Papa Gino’s restaurants just jumped into the Valentine’s arena with their clever Conversation Pizzas!

We love the creativity of Papa Gino’s restaurants, which have taken pizza to a whole new level. Click to see their full gallery of Conversation Pizzas!

Lastly, there’s the message candy for the outsiders — those who despise the very idea of Valentine’s Day still have wallets. BitterSweets candy, created to share disappointment and rejection, is from the same folks behind Despair business humor products.

Valentine’s Candy for Bitter People — The candy itself isn’t bitter, but is marketing its sugary tins to those of us who have experienced one too many heartbreaks. (Click to learn more).

Did we miss any foods that talk back?  What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

Pongr’s mobile photo contest software is usually used behind the scenes by brands to engage with fans at supermarkets, convenience stores, retailers and Quick Service Restaurants. But in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’d love to hear from you directly!

Snap a pic of your favorite Valentine-themed item and send it to us ( for a chance to win gift cards to H & M, Old Navy, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

Love, Pongr

(You have until Feb. 17 to play. Click here for contest details.)

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