Don’t Just Spread The Love, Pongr It!

We’re well on our way into winter, and love is in the air. Flowers, gifts, and candy are being purchased. Pink, red, and white decorations are hanging, and this can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is approaching.

Now, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be dedicated exclusively to those in romantic relationships. Valentine’s Day is a time when you can express your love to anyone, such as a family member or close friend… and the only thing that is just as important as spreading the love, is capturing it.

With that being said, it’s time for the Valentine’s Day photo contest!

 Here’s how it works:

1)   Take Valentine’s Day inspired photos.

2)   Send them in, either by MMS or email, to “brandnamehere”!  Make sure to put #VDay in the subject line to be entered in the contest.

3)   Share, share, share! Share your pics with family and friends. Share them on Facebook or Twitter. Sharing is caring, and you’ll only be gaining more Pongr points, Facebook likes, and Twitter favorites!

The contest starts on Monday, February 4 and ends on Sunday, February 17. We’re giving you some extra time after Valentine’s Day in case you’re celebrating with your loved ones over the weekend! Three very lucky winners chosen at random will be revealed on Monday, February 18th and will receive gift cards to their choice of H&M, Old Navy, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts.

So whether you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with your spouse, friends, family, or a bottle of merlot, don’t forget to take some pictures and send them our way!

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