We Love Photo Sharing Humor (Not to Mention Mobile Marketing Jokes)

Freelance cartoonist Nate Fakes captures the evolution of photography. (Double click the pic to see more of his work).

Technology moves SO fast that even the clever joke above is almost outdated. The quality of photography you can get on even the most basic mobile phone these days rivals the average digital point-and-shoot camera we used to lug around everywhere.

Analysts at ABI Research project a nearly 20 percent decline in North American shipments of standalone digital cameras this year.  Who wants to carry a cell phone and a camera if you only need one device?

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Eastman Kodak sold almost a billion rolls of film (hey kids, that’s the yellow and black rolls in the cartoon above) in the late 1990s. Last year, it sold about 20 million rolls, mostly to artsy types who still love “the feel” of film no matter how many fancy digital apps try to replicate it.

Regardless of what kind of camera people use to capture the moment, the picture-sharing boom is here to stay.  What separates Pongr from the avalanche of picture-sharing services and apps out there? For starters, Pongr is the only platform specifically built to meet the marketing needs of brands — our Photo Response Marketing (or PRM) system is designed to tie into your CRM database for launching the next campaign and the one after that.

Hats off to syndicated cartoonist Nate Fakes for launching this discussion. Technology trends have dramatically changed his business model, too. With the newspaper industry in rapid decline, Facebook has become the most efficient way to showcase his talents.

If you like his humor, please show it with a “Like” on his “Break of Day” Facebook page.

What will the next generation say about our mobile technology today? (Check out cartoonist Nate Fakes’ “Break of Day” strip by double clicking on the rotary phone).

Mr. Fakes also is an astute observer of the changes in the telecommunications industry. Will our children one day look at our state-of-the-art mobile phones with the same smirks we have when we see a typewriter or old laundry washboard?

It’s a safe bet.

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