Thanksgiving Table Photo Contest

The remaining colored leaves slowly fall and litter countless yards,  while the scent of cinnamon and cloves pervades the air. Starbucks has brought out the holiday cups and treats. This can only mean one thing: winter and the holidays that are associated with it are afoot.

Starting off the season is Thanksgiving, a day to recognize all that we are fortunate to have and say thanks. Children travel back home to spend the extended weekend with their parents. Families and friends join together in celebration and in anticipation of an unforgettable meal.

Whether it is turkey or tofurkey being served on your table this coming Thursday, make sure to capture the moments: from the beautiful spread of dishes on the dining room table and the first delicious bite, to the post dinner food coma.

For the Pongr Thanksgiving Table Photo Contest we want you to share your family’s traditions. Whether it is a special way of preparing the turkey, fighting over the wishbone, or turning in early in preparation of 5 AM Black Friday shopping, Thanksgiving is celebrated differently by everyone. Show off your family, meal, and everything in between.

The rules to enter are simple.

  1. Snap as many photos as you can of your Thanksgiving holiday! Show off your favorite brand of cranberry sauce or document how mom makes it from scratch.
  2. Send your photos, either by MMS or email, to [InsertBrandName]! Make sure to tag them with the #Thanksgiving hashtag.
  3. Share your photos with friends and family! Share them on Facebook or Twitter. Any way you do it, you are bound to receive lots of Pongr points, Facebook likes, Twitter favorites, and human smiles.

The photo contest starts this Wednesday, November 21 and ends on Sunday, November 25. Three lucky winners will be revealed on Monday, November 26 and will receive gift cards to their choice of H&M, Old Navy, or Starbucks to get started on holiday shopping. 

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