The True Universal Language

It wasn’t just Pongr that realized the potential in photo response; Korea found the beauty of it, as well.

Shopping magazines conveniently located inside the trains.

Home shopping has never been easier in Korea. Magazines are delivered to homes carrying hundreds of photos of products that range from clothing to groceries. These magazines are accessible on trains, as well. Internet shopping has spread so rapidly in Korea; photos are the most crucial part of its growth. Kakaotalk, a Korean smartphone chatting application, created ‘Plus Friends’ that users add to their chat list to receive photos or discounts for a ‘Plus Friend’ brand.

Gangnam’s media pole

Korea’s sophistication level of using photos to market products is very high and very convincing. Picture taking has been integrated to almost every electronic product in the country. Gangnam, the city referenced in the song Gangnam Style, has dozens of tall black media poles with large touch screens where people can get transportation information, directions using digital maps, provides free Wi-Fi and even takes pictures of those who are standing in front of the poles. These pictures can be shared online, e-mailed or sent to a personal mobile device.

Photos are efficiently used in Korea for almost every occasion and the integration is recognized as a powerful way to market a product because there is no need for translations or interpreters. It is a universal language that everyone can understand.

At Pongr, we believe that photos can attract more visits to a blog, more buyers to sellers and more fans to a product. We provide the perfect universal playground for brands and fans to have fun while getting to know each other on another level. Pongr will allow you to have a deeper conversation with your fans without any language barriers.Visit to experience the visual playground we share with thousands of fans.

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