Pongr Treat!

October is right around the corner. That means tricks and treats are going to be right at your doorstep. We all have our favorite ghouls, ghosts and Disney characters to dress up as on the last day of October, but we also have our fair share of guilty pleasures: candies and chocolates.

Of course, candies and chocolates aren’t the only thing we enjoy; there are various recipes people whip up to celebrate Halloween and make it more special for children.

Pictures have captured countless Halloween memories for many families, but you can now add more memories and capture all of your favorite candy brands. You can share your favorite Halloween season brands and give others ideas for Halloween trick-or-treating or even discover ideas yourself.

When shopping at a nearby grocery store, you must’ve noticed the Halloween specials that were prepared by your favorite candy brands. Candy corns, Halloween themed chocolates, orange Oreos… They’re all back! Halloween edition products don’t last long, though. They’ll be around until Halloween and disappear like a vampire at the break of dawn.

Before it’s too late, #TrickOrTreat2012 and Pongr photos of your favorite Halloween edition treats.

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