No Need To Be A Pro To Pongr

With the new iPhone 5 that has been presented to the world, it is evident that device video creation quality is getting really good, but memory and cell phone carrier bandwidth still has its limits. More photos could be saved and shared than a video that may buffer on some phones and take a long time to upload/download.

The technology for videos to be fully enjoyed by everyone is not quite there yet. There are still bandwidth issues in most major cities around the world, and it seems like sometimes it’s getting worse, not better. However, the technology for photos and mobile cameras has been skyrocketing by the day.

Why save up $600 for a DSLR when you could get a mobile photography application for free? Not everyone has the money to afford a professional camera and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to Pongr your photos. There are so many smartphone applications out there to apply high quality to your photos. Here are some iPhone apps to consider:

Left: Raw photo taken by iPhone 4
Right: Same photo edited by a photo editing app and finished with Instagram.

Instagram – The famous, the obvious and the free

Love vintage photography? Instagram has amazing effects that can make your photos draw more shares and likes. It is the closest smartphone application to creating the film camera texture. This app is available for both Androids and iPhones. You can use Instagram to take cool photos and then send them into Pongr.

Photo Editor by Aviary – Fast and easy photo editing

This app is also free on iPhone and has many features to enjoy. It easily enhances photo quality and it doesn’t crop half of your photo like Instagram does. Want to keep your photos, but still want the fancy effects? This might be the app for you.

Color Effects – Fun and artsy color isolation

Here’s another free iPhone app to add a little twist to your photos. You can isolate the color of the object of choice and make everything else black and white to give the photo a stronger focus. You don’t need to be brilliant at Photoshop, either.

Fast Camera – Got to catch that moment!

Spot a runner with a Gatorade bottle in hand, but they’re moving too fast for you? Another free iPhone app is here to the rescue. It captures second-by-second movements for the times you desire to capture a perfect photo of the exact moment.

DMD Panorama – Instant high quality panoramic pictures

This free app lets you capture a your favorite brands with a wonderful skyline in the background. Never thought it was possible with a camera phone? Well, think again.

We invite you to try these apps and explore more on your phone to Pongr your fancy and professional-like photos with your favorite brands!

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