India Shoppers: Win FREE Movie Tickets & iPhone 4S playing Pongr Shampoo Challenge across India

Here is how you get an assured FREE movie ticket:

  1. SNAP A PICTURE OF YOUR SHAMPOO BOTTLE at home and SEND it via email or picture-text to (TheBrandNameGoesHere)  For example, if you have Pantene shampoo at home, you send the photo to  If you have Sunsilk Shampoo, send your photo to  If you have Johnson’s you send it to Get it? You should send your shampoo pic to whatever the brand name is. If you need more help, visit our “How it works” page.
  2. CLICK THE LINK that is sent back to your mobile phone by the Pongr game system. Or you can type the unique link into your web browser. Then, LOGIN with FACEBOOK BUTTON. You have to connect your Pongr account to Facebook and to be eligible for your assured movie tickets and iPhone 4S entry.
  3. Go into your nearest shopping store or market that sells shampoo and SNAP a picture of the shampoo bottles ON THE SHELF IN THE STORE. SEND the photo into Pongr and PUT the STORENAME in the subject of the email/picture-text with a # tag. Do it like people put #hashtags in Twitter. But put the STORENAME as the hash tag. This is important to help us know what stores sell which types of shampoo. Examples include: #BigBazaar or #RelianceFresh or #ManishMarket.

Here is how you get entries into the iPhone 4S sweeps:

  1. After you have completed at least one complete cycle of the above core Shampoo Game on Pongr, you will get an entry for the grand prize iPhone 4S if you SUBMIT ADDITIONAL IN-STORE or MARKET PICTURES of SHAMPOO. We want to see many brands and many pictures of WHERE YOU CAN BUY YOUR SHAMPOO and WHAT YOUR OPTIONS ARE. Each picture that is good, clear and helps us “see” the store shelf as you see it, earns you an EXTRA ENTRY.
  2. Each time you “SHARE” your Pongr’d photo into your Facebook (using the Pongr Share button), we will give you an EXTRA ENTRY.
  3. Each time you invite-a-friend to a specific brand of shampoo through the Pongr invite feature, you earn an EXTRA ENTRY when your friend Pongr’s a shampoo pic.  Note: Your friend must actually participate in a complete cycle in order for it to count. Pongr is able to automatically track when your friends COMPLETE a cycle in the basic shampoo game.

Get Pongr’ing soon! The 500 ASSURED tickets to movies will be sent electronically via BookMyShow India and are only guaranteed to the first 500 participants to complete the shampoo challenges. The winners will receive a notification from Pongr on how to get their free tickets. The iPhone 4S winner will be selected at the conclusion of the Shampoo Challenge. This challenge runs through December 31st, 2011. The assured rewards for this challenge are only available to Pongr players in India.

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