Dewing It With Style: Backyard acrobat Brad Marshall

You don't need to perform superhuman tricks to prove your passion for Mountain Dew!

Name: Brad Marshall
Age: 20
Hometown: Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Real Job: Meat Cutter
Pongr Job: Administrative Assistant, Mountain Dew
Career Dream: Become a Pastor.
Pet Peeve: Finding out a restaurant does not offer the Dew and suggesting Sprite as a substitute. “They taste NOTHING alike,” he says.
Fun Fact: Brad enjoys making short tribute films about his favorite beverage. Check out his BradDoTheDew YouTube Channel!
Fun Fact #2: Served guests a Mountain Dew cake at his wedding.

Brad Marshall isn’t offended anymore if people first assume that he’s lying.

He concedes that the photo of him balancing an aluminum stepladder on his chin looks so outrageous that people think it’s an optical illusion or an image created in Photoshop. But the skeptics scurry away once they see the video evidence or if they are lucky, get a live demonstration!

The video encapsulates how Brad taught himself how to become a circus-caliber chin balancer by first starting out with canes, umbrellas and brooms — and eventually moving up to chairs and ladders.

“What is really funny about balancing things is that the bigger things are easier than smaller objects,” he says. “It’s amazing how fast I learned because after a few failed attempts, I was able to balance the ladder pretty easily. It’s now one of my most popular party tricks.”

And not once has Brad busted his nose or teeth when the ladder comes crashing down. Next up for the Dewster: Balancing a Tomahawk Cruise Missile.

OK, now that’s clearly a Photoshop job — and a poorly executed one to boot. Brad had nothing to do with it. It’s our subliminal message that Pongr players aren’t afraid to take on the seemingly impossible.

“When I balance stuff on my chin, I wear Mountain Dew clothing because it represents the essence of extreme,” says Brad. “One thing I would like to see is more merchandise. Mountain Dew has some of the most passionate fans, so I know they would buy whatever the company puts out there!”

Speaking of merch, Mountain Dew is now giving away some ultra-limited Pitch Black Gear for Pongr players earning Pitch Black Bucks!

There are two ways to win:

1. Snap and send pics of Pitch Black drinks or gear (preferably with you, family and friends) to; and

2. Do a little improv! Snap a pic of the facial expression that best sums up your feelings upon hearing that Pitch Black was coming back and send it to with #pbisblack in the subject line.

“Pongr is awesome,” says Brad. “I am glad Mountain Dew gave us a chance to be part of it.  I do some crazy stuff with Dew in pictures and this lets me share that not just with friends on Facebook, but with a whole new group of people!”

(Do you have what it takes to become the CEO of Mountain Dew? Get in the game and check out the competition. Fame and Pitch Black Bucks await you!)

One thought on “Dewing It With Style: Backyard acrobat Brad Marshall

  1. That is one heck of a talent. You have a totally good sense of balance in you. I’m not much of a balancer, that I even can’t wear high stilettos because I’m afraid to stumble and loose my balance. So seeing someone with that kind of skill makes me really impressed.

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