Remembering extinct soda brands – and one that will last forever

Brontosaurus Blue Raspberry?  Yum Yum!

Brontosaurus Blue Raspberry? Yum Yum!

Pop culture archeologist Hillary Buckholtz just uncovered 16 “extinct” soda brands that she laments you can no longer savor for yourself. The irony of the prehistoric Flintstones beverage brand going the way of the dinosaurs is deep.

If anyone in Pongr nation sees an unopened case of Pterodactyl Punch, Brontosaurus Blue Raspberry or Stegosaurus Cola on eBay, please ping us!

Other obsolete beverage brands include Super Mario Brothers Soda, Fudgicle Fudge Soda and Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Soda. You can see Hillary’s full analysis here.

Perhaps if people had been taking oodles of pictures of Flintstones, the way they do with certain brands, the soda would still be around today. Savvy advertisers tuned-in with current trends in mobile and social marketing, see the clear relationship between user generated brand photos (i.e., activity on Pongr’s game) and brand health. Too bad mobile cameras and social networks didn’t exist back in the day of Flintstones soda.

One soda that will never go out of style is Mountain Dew, currently one of the hottest brands on Pongr.

Mountain Dew loyalists aren't afraid to explore their sillier side.

The Mtn DEW crew currently has tons of players competing to be CEO, with more recruits on the way.

Stay tuned here for an exciting announcement about how the stakes for Mountain Dew players are about to get higher!

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