Supermarket Addict: When fans are even more passionate than the brand . . .

The regional Market Basket supermarket chain attracts strong brand loyalty.

Do you really care where you buy your milk and eggs?

New Hampshire’s Michael Devaney does. So much so that he’s started a Web site to share the latest deals from Market Basket, a Boston-area regional chain with 62 stores. He’s also chronicling the rich history of the family-owned business from the days when it was a small mom-and-pop grocery that let customers buy on credit during the Great Depression to its distinction of operating New England’s Largest Supermarket today.

Here’s breaking news this week from the Market Basket deli:

Purdue Oven Stuffer Roasting Chicken — 89 cents/lb

Boneless Chuck Steak — $2.99/lb

Extra Lean Corned Beef — $4.99/lb

Big deal, you say?  The remarkable thing about Devaney’s supermarket fan site — which provides directions and hours for all locations — is that it is now the primary source of information on the Internet for Market Basket shoppers. The company itself does not have a Web site!

Devaney is playing the nostalgia card by naming his site after the original family store name. has almost 500 fans on Facebook, complete with a photo gallery of area stores. He also spreads the word with MyDemoulas bumperstickers:

Why one of Boston’s most powerful supermarket chains doesn’t have an official Web presence is baffling — and we’ll leave that question for the psychics.

What is most remarkable is how one brand enthusiast has taken his passion for food shopping and loyalty to one store and turned it into a community.

Already, this little side project has generated high-profile media attention from the two biggest newspapers in New Hampshire, the Nashua Telegraph and the Manchester Union-Leader. And he claims to have attracted more than 4 million hits since August, with more than one million unique visitors.

How long will it be before Market Basket executives take notice?

If you’d love to get the attention of a brand you love, this supermarket loyalty example is a great inspiration to start playing Pongr.

Whether you love to guzzle Mountain Dew, strut around in Nikes or surround yourself with Legos, you don’t need “permission” to share your passion!

Who knows what picture might prompt that right “someone” to notice you!

Pick your favorite brand, start snapping pics of you and your friends enjoying it, and become the brand ambassador you’ve always wanted to be.

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